Paramount cancels 400$ million project with Robert De Niro du to his childlike behavior

Paramount Pictures abruptly cancels a $400 million project starring Robert De Niro, citing “creative differences” amid rumors of his challenging on-set behavior. Reports describe diva-like demands, tantrums over blue M&M’s, and a custom dressing room with a selective mirror. De Niro expresses frustration on social media, claiming Paramount can’t handle his brilliance. The studio releases an official statement, wishing him well in future endeavors.

Speculation arises about De Niro’s method acting, with anecdotes of him responding only to his character’s name off-camera. Rumors circulate about extravagant wardrobe demands, including a tailor flown in from Italy. Fans express disappointment with trending hashtags like #DeNiroDrama, sharing memes mocking his alleged diva antics.

Even comedian Ricky Gervais weighs in, suggesting Paramount realized De Niro’s method acting couldn’t salvage a $400 million flop. De Niro’s publicist downplays the situation, stating he remains committed to his craft.

The incident raises questions about its impact on De Niro’s career. As the dust settles, only time will reveal if this is a minor hiccup or a major blow in the actor’s storied career. Hollywood awaits the next act in the De Niro drama.

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