Denzel Washington rejects Disney’s $50 million project, citing concerns about excessive political correctness.

In a jaw-dropping plot twist, Denzel Washington, celebrated for his masterful portrayals of intricate characters, has shockingly turned down a colossal $50 million project with Disney. The reason? According to Washington, Disney is just “too woke” for his taste. While some view this as a principled stance, others are left questioning if Washington’s alarm clock is simply running a few hours behind the times.

Disney, on a relentless mission to out-woke every Hollywood studio, has taken progressive storytelling to new heights. From a recycling enthusiast princess to a vegan prince, Disney seems to be ticking off every box in the progressive handbook. Rumors are swirling about their upcoming project, which features a composting-themed musical number set in the “Frozen” universe. Elsa and Anna serenading about the perks of organic waste? Now that’s a sequel worth the anticipation.

Denzel, however, appears to have missed the memo on Hollywood’s new trajectory. When quizzed about his decision, he quipped, “I just wanted to do a film about an ordinary guy who recycles because it’s the right thing to do, not to impress his eco-conscious love interest.” Ah, the golden days when characters had depth beyond their recycling habits.

In the ever-dramatic world of Hollywood, reactions to Washington’s move have been varied. An unnamed director quipped, “I always knew Denzel was a method actor, but I didn’t realize his method involved living under a rock.” Meanwhile, a prominent actress was overheard saying, “If being woke means getting $50 million, then someone please hand me an alarm clock.” Hollywood, always ready for a juicy tale, continues to buzz with the aftermath of Denzel’s decision.

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