Hank Williams Jr. bluntly declared to Garth Brooks, “I wouldn’t be caught dead sharing the stage with you.”

Hank Williams Jr. has finally spoken out about Garth Brooks, bluntly stating, “I wouldn’t be caught dead on stage with him nowadays.” Williams Jr. highlighted Brooks’s Vegas residency cancellation due to negative audience reactions, with Brooks now holding a Guinness World Record for having the most ex-fans paying to boo him. Spokesman Joe Barron suggested Brooks might consider retiring given his substantial wealth.

Joining a chorus of country artists, Hank Jr. expressed disdain for Brooks. Alan Jackson’s neighbor Jerry, frustrated by Brooks, bemoaned the restraining order preventing him from sharing this with Alan Jackson. Jerry, a patriotic American, dislikes Brooks for refusing to denounce Bud Light. Jerry tearfully remarked, “He wouldn’t denounce Bud Light, and now I can never listen to Achy Breaky Heart again.” Billy Ray Cyrus’s spokesman, Joe Barron, conveyed Cyrus’s honor at being mentioned and concluded with a patriotic “God Bless America.”


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