Robert De Niro skips this year’s awards after 28 years, citing his increasingly unbearable angry speeches.

Reports indicate that Robert De Niro has been removed as a presenter from upcoming major awards shows this season. Hollywood’s elaborate awards ceremonies involve meticulous planning, with responsibilities divided among various committees.

The Presenter’s Committee, tasked with selecting and vetting presenters, faced a challenging decision this year. Through a secret ballot, each committee member could disqualify one presenter, and unanimously, the Oscar Committee voted against Robert De Niro.

Critics, including James Woods, expressed discontent, stating, “Nobody wants to endure his angry speeches. He appears awkward behind the podium, like a diminutive white Papa Smurf. He’s lost all credibility.”

Oscar Chairman Joe Barron conveyed doubts about De Niro receiving invitations to any awards show stage in the near future, deeming him a “toxic little goon” who is fortunate not to be within Chris Rock’s reach of Will Smith.

Similar stories are expected for the Golden Globes, and the Emmys might follow suit, along with a related piece about Garth Brooks and the Grammys for unknown reasons.

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