“She Grew Up And Changed a Lot”: What Does The Most Beautiful Girl In the World Look Like Now?

Nastya, born on July 1, 2011, comes from an ordinary family near Moscow. Her mom is an economist, and her dad works in the automotive industry. Contrary to rumors, they have no connections to modeling or wealth.

n 2014, Nastya’s parents sent her to a modeling agency, and soon she was modeling for known brands. Despite public assumptions, her family maintains an average lifestyle.

Nastya’s modeling career started with advertising children’s clothing in 2014. Her mother, Anna, managed her opportunities carefully, choosing only the most meaningful ones.

Beyond modeling, Nastya engages in singing, dancing, sculpting, and drawing. Modeling is her hobby, and her parents emphasize the importance of a good education.

In 2018, she made L’Officiel magazine’s list of the fifty most beautiful children globally. Her achievements considered appearance, media coverage, social media followers, advertising contracts, and search queries.

Nastya starred in Maxim Fadeev’s “New Lullaby” video in 2018 and the film “Reflection” with Lyudmila Chursina. She also hosted a music program on the STS Kids channel.

International magazines like Hello and Elle featured Nastya, making her a global trendsetter. Mothers worldwide imitated their daughter’s images, copying their hairstyles and outfits.

In essence, Nastya Knyazeva, once a child model sensation, has grown up into a multi-talented individual with a global influence.

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