Carpenter spends 2 decades building massive ark and the inside is incredible

Johan, who is a carpenter by trade, saw it as a sign that he should build a boat, with Noah’s ark as a model.

The result? Incredible…

© Wikipedia/Ad Bercht

The origin of Johan’s enormous ark dates back to 1992. That’s when the carpenter started researching Noah’s ark so he could one day build his own. He read the Bible, poured over reference books, and watched movies—all so he could make an authentic copy of Noah’s ark.

Johan’s first version, built at the port of Schagen between 2005-2007, was 70 meters long (230 ft) and cost 1 million euro to build. Johan sailed this ark around the Netherlands for 3 1/2 years.

But that wasn’t the only ark he built…

In 2013, he completed a bigger project: Johan’s Ark!

Huibers and eight assistants spent four years building the ark. It has seven storeys.

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