Gordon Ramsay ousted Whoopi Goldberg from his restaurant, branding her ‘toxic’ and ‘ensnared by woke culture.’

In a sensational turn of events, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay sent shockwaves through the culinary world once more by purportedly expelling the iconic Whoopi Goldberg from his illustrious Las Vegas establishment, Hell’s Kitchen. The saga unfolded under the glare of the Las Vegas lights as Goldberg and her entourage graced the restaurant for an evening repast.

Witnesses vividly recount Ramsay’s palpable disdain from the very outset, as he fixated his steely gaze upon Goldberg’s arrival, punctuated by muttered asides beneath his breath. Ramsay’s brazen demand for identification, ostensibly to thwart underage diners, served as the catalyst for a confrontation of epic proportions.

Defending his actions with an air of unassailable authority, Ramsay adamantly proclaimed his prerogative to refuse service, deriding Goldberg as a relic of bygone acclaim unsuitable for the refined ambiance of his establishment. The digital realm reverberated with calls for a boycott of Ramsay’s culinary empire, while Goldberg purportedly entertains the notion of legal recourse.

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