Boy, 16, divides the internet with billowing ballgown, some say he’s ‘stunning’ others say ‘vile’ Read more on the first comment 👇👇

Posing in a fiery red skirt and a sequin-speckled tuxedo top that perfectly matches his scarlet-colored hair, 16-year-old Korben White blew up the internet with the billowing ballgown he wore to his high school prom.

After a viral post made by his mom Nina Green, that shows her teenaged son primed and primped for prom, fervent disciples of the woke movement praised his flowing frock while others played the shame game, saying it demonstrates the “failure” of a parent “in encouraging this sort of thing.”

Korben White expressed his desire to attend his school prom in a gown at just 12 years old. Four years later, as Miss Frou Frou, he fulfilled his dream, stunning his schoolmates with his red gown. His mother, Nina Green, shared their journey online, receiving immense support. Despite some negative comments, Green focused on the positivity and hoped to inspire others. She and Korben even attended London Pride together, spreading love and acceptance. Despite facing criticism, Green remains steadfast in supporting her son and hopes to encourage acceptance and celebration of all children. What are your thoughts on teens expressing their gender identity through prom attire?

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