Tears Filled My Eyes When I Saw What Was Written On This Tiny Grave In The Middle Of The Woods

Family pets are truly a member of the family. When their time eventually comes and they pass away, many families go to great lengths to ensure that the animal’s memory lives on for years to come. Some people get the pet cremated and then disperse the ashes in the pet’s favorite park, while others find a gravesite and bury the animal remains, so they have a consistent place to return to year after year to pay tribute to the pet that brought so much love into the family home.

While walking with his Staffordshire terrier, Serena, in Kiroli Park, West Monroe, Louisiana, Zach Medlin stumbled upon a gravestone. As Serena chased ducks nearby, Medlin took a moment to examine the gravestone amidst the park’s woods.

Medlin found a gravestone covered in pine straw in Kiroli Park. Upon clearing it, he discovered it was for a dog named Buddie, born in 1928 and died in 1941, described as “Born a dog / Died a gentleman.” Despite being buried in the public park, Medlin wondered why Buddie wasn’t laid to rest with his owner, speculating that the park held special significance for the beloved pet.

Medlin expressed joy at the idea of Buddie’s loyalty during the Great Depression, emphasizing the importance of all dogs having a grave marker. Kiroli Park, once a Boy Scout camp, is tied to an urban legend featuring a dog named Buddie. However, a handwritten note suggests Buddie was actually a beloved pet of the Jones family, buried in the park where he loved to run. Regardless of the legend’s accuracy, Buddie’s resting place is fitting for any cherished dog.

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