Elderly man waits every day for his friend to crawl out of this hole and greet him

Friendship comes in many varieties.

I’ve seen a lot of unexpected friendships between animals from different species. There’s the elephant with a dog for a best friend, the dog whose bestie is a duck, and the list just goes on from there.

But this one takes the cake…

It’s always a pleasure watching some amazing and unlikely friendships in the making! The phenomenon of people becoming best friends with animals has always fascinated us. Typically, it involves dogs, cats, horses, or perhaps more “common” pets found in and around homes worldwide.

And yet, there are also those who form special bonds with somewhat unconventional animals.

A few years ago, a man named Seppo Laamanen captured widespread attention online. This was after he developed a rather unexpected friendship.

In 2011, Seppo Laamanen lived in a town called Punkaharju, located in the eastern parts of Finland, in a red cottage with white trim – surrounded by the stunning winter landscape.

Every morning, Seppo descended to the small lake near the cottage. For down there, a friend was waiting for him.

Every day, a starving otter showed up at the elderly man’s door.

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