Sofia Vergara celebrates her 51st birthday in Italy – fans notice worrying detail in pictures

Sofia Vergara, a former member of Modern Family who is currently spending her birthday in Italy, is an easygoing and gorgeous beauty who is forthright about becoming 51 and what it has involved.

In an Instagram photo, Sofia Vergara, who just celebrated her 51st birthday with her “best friends” while on a lavish Italian vacation, made fun of herself by posing on a patio with the water in the background.

The post’s caption, which the Colombian-American actress translated from Spanish, read, “Waking up here on my 51st birthday! Though my knees are already hurting, I’m still in good health and have enough of energy—and joy—to live! I appreciate all the messages.

The gorgeous actress, who appears impossibly youthful, made a light-hearted reference about her knees and what it’s like to get older!

Celebrity pals joined the conversation, wishing her a good day and leaving comments on her humorous post. I adore you, Sofia, writes model Heidi Klum. To have you in my life is such a blessing. Comedian Howie Mandel was forced to respond to the birthday greeting by saying, “Happy birthday. @heidiklum is so lucky to have you in her life.”

Meanwhile, Modern Family co-star Sarah Hyland simply said, “HAAAAAAAA…

Her son Manolo, who she has with her ex-husband Joe Gonzalez, was among those who sent wishes to the Hot Pursuit star on her special day. He writes, “Teo mucho quiero.” Manolo shared a cute video reel of pictures from her childhood last year, starting with one of her.

Happy forty-ten!!!!,” Manolo writes in English translation. I hope you get even better in the next 40 plus 10 years, Ma.

On the popular comedy series, Jeremy Maguire, who portrayed Joe Pritchett, the lovely son of Gloria Vergara, also wished his on-screen mother a happy birthday by posting a sweet photo of the two together with the remark, “Happy birthday, gorgeous.I will always love you.

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