Woman Who Spent $120k Modifying Her Body Shares Photo Of Herself Before Transformation

Note: we are republishing this story, which originally made the news in October 2020.

Amber Luke, a Brisbane body modification enthusiast, posted a never before seen photo of herself before she underwent a $120,000 head to toe transformation.

Luke spent $50,000 on about 600 tattoos, including having blue ink injected into her eyeballs in a 40 minute procedure that blinded her for three weeks.

She also spent $70,000 on various extreme body modifications including cheek and lip fillers, tongue split, pointed implants in her ears, breast augmentation, and a Brazilian butt lift.

Luke, a self-described “blue eyed white dragon girl,” posted a picture of herself before the extreme makeover, when she only had a quote tattoo on her collarbone and a tiny piercing on her cheekbone.

“No face tattoos, just a dermal [piercing],” she captioned the Instagram Story. “We’ve all got to start somewhere.”

She posted another photo of her 18 year old self, rocking a bare face and quotes along her ribs.

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