After winning the $350 million dollar Powerball, woman uses her new wealth to support veterans in need

For most of us, the idea of winning a Powerball jackpot stirs dreams of luxury homes, high-end cars, designer clothes, or dazzling jewelry

However, a recent winner from Iowa, Lerynne West, surprised everyone with her unique approach to spending her newfound wealth.

A Heartfelt Decision

Lerynne West, a single mother, was one of the lucky winners of a substantial Powerball prize. However, her first thought wasn’t about extravagant purchases but about contributing to a charity aiding U.S. veterans. Without hesitation, she donated a whopping $500,000 of her winnings to this noble cause.

During her appearance on Ellen, West discussed her lottery win and her plans for the $350 million. The charitable lady established The Callum Foundation, a non-profit organization designed to support people living in poverty, promote animal welfare, and provide aid to U.S. veterans.The foundation’s name is a heartfelt tribute to West’s grandson, who tragically died one day after his premature birth.

Aiding the Heroes

West’s first significant donation of half a million dollars went to The Travis Mills Foundation, an organization dedicated to offering support and resources to war veterans injured in combat. West explained that her family’s military background, including three brothers who are combat veterans and a father who served in Vietnam, made the cause of war veterans particularly close to her heart.Driven by her family’s history and her love for people, West was inspired to establish her own foundation to assist those in need.

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