Mother: “Here’s why I’m sharing my daughter’s last moments on Facebook”

Before illness struck, she was full of vitality and constantly on the go, just like so many other kids. She grew up in a loving home. She was affectionate, fun, and joyful.

Zoey tripped while playing one day. She lost control of both hands a few weeks later.

When Zoey’s family noticed anything was wrong with her, they immediately took her to the hospital.

When they came, they heard something that will stay with them forever and leave a message that they will never forget.

The physician informed them that DIPG, a rare and severe brain tumor, was present in their cherished young daughter, who was so full of life and love.

We didn’t know what to do, where to go. We were told it’s pretty much a death sentence,” her mother Casey explained.

A tragedy and nightmare never to be wished upon one’s worst enemy would befall the family.

But they managed to remain calm and make an effort to be resilient for Zoey’s sake. Zoey would undergo numerous cancer treatments over the ensuing two years.

The family located a radiation therapy facility in Germany where Zoey did well. But eventually, she stopped answering.

She quickly started to feel worse. Unthinkable things were about to occur.

In her American home on July 4, 2018, Zoey peacefully passed away

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