Michael Madsen’s son is no longer in this world, he is now with God

Michael Madsen is devoted over the death of his son Hudson Madsen who was also Quentin Tarantino’s godson in the films “Reservoir Dogs” and “Kill Bill.”

Twenty six year old Madsen’s death occurred due to a gunshot however his death certificate initially reported it as a suicide.

His date of death has not been release by the police department but they will do so when the full autopsy is made public.

Michael’s attorney mentioned that the actor is supported by family while his wife is makes funeral arrangements in Hawaii.

“I am in astonishment because my son, whom I just spoke with a few days ago, expressed happiness – my last text from him was ‘I love you, dad,’” Madsen wrote in a statement to The New York Times.

“There were no indicators of despair that I could observe.” It’s heartbreaking and depressing. He continued, “I’m just trying to make sense of everything and understand what happened.”

The parents have no idea what problems he may have been dealing with as he was thinking about what he would do with his future.

Michael thinks that his son could have been mocked by other employees within the army which may have caused him to have mental problems.

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