My MIL Cried All Day after My Mom Came over & Told Her She Knew Her Secret

Hope and Scott are fortunate to have their mothers’ help in raising Miles, their son. However, when the grandmothers begin to compete with each other, things turn ugly, and deep family secrets are revealed.

When Scott and I had our son, Miles, we were constantly told how lucky we were to have our mothers around to help take care of the baby.

“It’s such a blessing,” my boss said. “That way, you can leave Miles at home knowing he is well cared for, and you can have date nights with Scott. Keep the spark alive and all that.”

She wasn’t wrong. Having our mothers around did make it easier to leave Miles after those first few months of being attached to him.

But then, things quickly changed.

My mother, Evelyn, and Scott’s mother, Thelma, became competitive, each wanting the title of superior grandmother. So, they began to buy Miles expensive clothes and toys — each present aimed at outdoing the other.

Since Scott’s father passed away years ago, Thelma has had more time on her hands, so she often spends more time with Miles than my mother.

“It’s not my fault I have to look after your father and your brother’s children too,” my mother complained when she found out that Thelma had spent three days in a row with Miles.

“I’m not saying it’s your fault, Mom,” I said, trying to stay calm. “I just needed to catch up on work, and Scott couldn’t leave early. So, Thelma came to the rescue.”

“I’m sure she did,” my mother said bitterly.

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