Jane Fonda criticizes Jennifer Lopez’s relationship with Ben Affleck: ‘Feels too much’

A friend is someone who checks in on you and provides honest feedback on your relationships at regular intervals.

Jane Fonda, who is close to Jennifer Lopez, has voiced some concerns, despite the public’s positive reaction to their reunion. The 86-year-old actress, meanwhile, isn’t shy about sharing her thoughts on Lopez’s reconciliation with Affleck with the public.

Strangers turned friends after starring opposite one other in 2005’s Monster-in-Law. In the time after, their relationship strengthened even further. Fonda was someone Lopez wanted to feature in her upcoming documentary This Is Me Now: A Love Story because of how close they were.

During the course of the film, Fonda shares two concerns with the married couple.

According to Fonda, Lopez, “I want you to know that I don’t entirely know why, but I feel invested in you and Ben, and I really want this to work.” This is based on what Variety has heard. However, my concerns lie in this area. It feels more like you’re trying to prove something than just enjoying it. Making out or snuggling is a common theme in the photos you’ve shared.

“That’s just us going about our lives,” Lopez shot back, ignoring the comment.

Fonda was “real scared” after seeing pictures of Affleck at the 2023 Grammys, and she voiced her worry as well.

“Oh my God, what’s happening? I was really scared because of all the s-it about the Grammys, and he looks unhappy.”

Lopez assured Fonda “nothing” was wrong with her relationship, Affleck was simply “like, ‘I’ve become the symbol of the beleaguered man.’”

Despite her critiques, Fonda added she believed “everyone in the entire world is pulling for this relationship and this love,” adding that the way the couple presents their relationship is “so important.”

“It should be handled in a way that you aren’t overly flaunting it, so much so that it creates any form of criticism or resentment.”

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