Expert makes alarming claim day after Kate Middleton’s first sighting in 70 days

Kate Middleton has been pictured for the first time in months, though the sighting reportedly raised more questions than it gave answers following her 13-day stint in hospital earlier this year.

Concern has been rife for the Princess of Wales since word reached the public that she had undergone a planned abdominal procedure at the London Clinic in January.

Few details were given as to the future Queen’s condition, sparking rumors as to how serious her health woes might actually be. Kensington Palace said only that Kate would be hospitalized for 13 days, while detailing that the Princess would not be returning to her schedule of royal engagements until at least after Easter.

Given that Kate was deemed fit enough to return home according to the aforementioned timeline, the speculation as to her overall well being might have been put to bed in short order.

However, since late January there’s been scarcely an official update offered, leaving the public (and, of course, the media) to come to their own conclusions. Such freedom of opinion, fueled in no small part by a vacuum of information, often lends itself to outlandish gossip and hyperbolic conjecture.

And so it has proved, with questions as to what actually caused Kate Middleton’s January hospital stay equally as rife today as they were when the news was first announced.

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