Guy Texts Photo Of Girlfriend To His Mom, Doesn’t See ‘Tiny’ Detail On Bed

When his mother asked for a favor, a young man going by the name “Maison Vallance” was pleased to oblige. Her wish was for him to locate the red garment she had gifted him.

The Tennessee man, 22, looked around his room for the clothing that was given to him. He chose to assign his girlfriend, Meghan, to the assignment after discovering it.

Maison sent his mother the seemingly harmless snapshot of Meghan sitting on the bed with the garment folded across her lap.

In addition, he posted the image to his Twitter account. Meghan, according to him, was just “too pretty not to post it.”

Adorable, huh?

That’s when things started to get a bit… scandalous.

The friend of Maison picked up on one small but damning feature in the Twitter photo’s background. However, it was already too late when Maison discovered what she was talking about.

See what he unintentionally left out of the picture by scrolling down.

Tennessee-born Maison Vallance is 22 years old. When his mother requested him to locate the red clothing she had given him, he was more than delighted to comply.

After seeing the shirt, he asked Meghan, his girlfriend, to take a picture wearing it.

He then sent his mother this picture.

Because he thought the picture was so great, Maison shared it on Twitter.

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