Man Has DNA Test Done on Son Who ‘Doesn’t Look Like’ Him, Wife Gathers Family upon Receiving Results

The decision of a man to take a DNA test on his son, who he thought had no resemblance to him, shocked and deeply upset his wife.

She called the whole family together after learning the results, unsure how to handle the heartbreaking news and whether to decide whether to keep her marriage intact.

An anonymous woman posted her story on Reddit in September 2023. The woman remembered clearly the five years that she and her husband had spent traveling together, three of those years spent inside the boundaries of marriage.

The controlling presence of her husband’s mother was a recurring source of conflict during their marriage.

Despite her constant efforts to project composure, the woman was deeply troubled by this intrusion, which was characterized by uninvited opinions and inappropriate behaviors.


he woman was a strong proponent of the saying that it was unfair to feel resentment towards her husband for things that were not his fault. Ultimately, he had no control over his mother’s actions or words, no matter how painful they may be. But what really irritated her was his unwillingness to defend her when his mother’s encroachments made her feel uneasy or upset.

What Made the Woman’s Husband Conduct a Paternity Test?

The mother-in-law’s audacious questioning of the woman’s child’s paternity was the tipping point in the situation. “My mother-in-law has been remarking for some time now about how my son doesn’t resemble my husband as a toddler. It’s like saying I’ve been sleeping around. I was upset by this, quite rightly,” the furious woman continued.

A father and son sitting on a grassy field | Source: Flickr
The woman’s husband did nothing to protect her from this barrage of charges, even in the face of her ferocious denial and emotional distress. Their lack of cooperation and support caused a rift between them. Driven by annoyance and an increasing feeling of disdain, the woman emotionally separated herself from her spouse.

She reached her breaking point when he casually revealed that he was going to take a paternity DNA test—not because he was truly unsure, but rather to appease his demanding mother. This information was an egregious insult to her integrity and a slap in the face. She made the decision at this very moment that she could no longer put up with this destructive cycle.

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