Bridget Bardo Has Reappeared After Dozens Of Years

Most people are familiar with the name, Bridget Bardo, even if they are not necessarily familiar with her work. In actuality, she was one of the most famous actresses and was a French icon that was considered to be one of the sexiest women of the 20th century.

Even though she had lived quite an interesting life when she was working in the entertainment industry, she was especially known and revered for the movies that she played in.

She even got a top spot as one of the sexiest females of the 20th century by Playboy. Other outlets would also say that she was the ‘it’ girl.

Aside from being on the list at Playboy and receiving those nominations from others, she was also well-known in France as one of the most seen stars in the industry.

Bridget was not only an actress, she also was an animal rights activist. She also tended to keep her personal life as private as possible, was married for 31 years, and had a child.

They were married secretly in 1992 with very few people coming to that special day that they held with each other. They have been married ever since, and according to at least one news outlet, she was happier than she had ever been after that secret marriage.

Many people were wondering if she would ever remarry after her previous husband. They did get married, and they lived together in St. Tropez at a mansion.

The two of them remained together, despite having a number of health scares and the general ups and downs of marriage. In 1992, but her husband put it this way:

“Brigitte was overcome with fatigue and took too much medication to go to sleep…she did not have her stomach pumped and was fine after a few hours.” It was confirmed later that she was fine.

Years later, she had another healthcare crisis that came in the form of breathing problems. First responders were able to provide her with Austin unit stay with her and she was fine.

Again, her husband came to her defense, saying that she was getting older and the weather combined to cause respiratory problems.

For the most part, the icon and her husband stayed out of the public eye. There have been a few instances in which the paparazzi was able to take her picture while they were out for a drive, but it was rare.

One of those pictures occurred recently when they were driving a small white van. You can still see her legendary blonde hair in the picture, and it was tied back with a few wisps outlining her face. She was also protecting her eyes with big sunglasses.

It’s always interesting to see someone that was revered so much in life and to know that they still seem to be doing well.

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