The man forgot to close the car window and when he returned he found 15,000 bees in the cabin

Bees are smart and useful insects but they inspire fear in many people.
Even one bee can sting painfully not to mention the whole swarm.

When this man parked outside the store, he accidentally forgot to close the window. And when he returned, he found about 15,000 bees in his car.

At that moment, he could not understand where so much bees in the parking could come from.

He immediately called emergency services and firefighters, but they had no idea how to lure the bees out of the car and what to do with them, catch or destroy.

Only beekeepers know all the tricks and know how to handle bees.

Here it is necessary to follow all the safety rules and at least a little to be familiar with the habits of these insects.

One of the firefighters remembered that his colleague was a beekeeper, breeds and loves bees.

But unfortunately he was on vacation.

They had to urgently call him to the parking place.

The beekeeper took all the special tools and put on a protective suit and got down to business.

A special soothing oil helped him seal the bees in a hive and take them to his apiary.

No one has figured out where the bees came from. Most likely someone destroyed their hive, and the poor bees were left homeless. Bees live in large families.

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