Strange little door found in 100-year-old home has internet stumped

After recently moving into a 100-year-old home, this Redditor noticed a rather strange and unique featured of one of the rooms.

Totally baffled, he took to Reddit to ask whether anyone on the internet had any clue about what it was.

Unsurprisingly, there were many different answers. Do you have any clue what it could be? Keep reading to find out if you’re correct!

This new homeowner – who goes by the handle oldsofthands – began his post on Reddit’s ‘What Is This Thing?‘ thread by writing: “House built in 1916 – on the other side of this wall is what used to be a “sewing room”, according to my landlord.”

Oldsofthands continued by saying that the house, which has eight bedrooms, was definitely decorated well for the time period it was built in. “I can enter the sewing room on the other side, and I’ve looked all around on the floor, where I believe the door would open up to… But can’t find the backside of the tiny door! It’s painted over, and feels very secure – almost locked,” the user added.

“This house has a complex laundry chute system but this seems way too small to be a part of it. This room clearly was built as a bedroom, as there is a bathroom and a closet, neither of which are near this bizarre little architectural feature,” the post concluded.

Naturally, many people in the comments section underneath the post each had their own thoughts.

One person suggested the original poster cut through the door to see if anything was behind it, writing: “Get yourself a razor blade and carefully cut the paint and see if you can’t get the door free I wonder if it’s like a hole to the basement so you could drop stuff in?”

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