Father’s Beach Photo of Son Goes Viral – Authorities Take Swift Action After Noticing Tiny Detail!

A recent ​incident has brought to light the potential dangers that can lurk beneath the surface of seemingly ‌peaceful⁢ coastal settings. A family, who were out for a day at ‍the beach near Burry Port, Carmarthenshire, had a ‍close call with disaster when they unknowingly posed for photographs next to an unexploded World War II mine, mistaking it for a harmless buoy. The incident⁤ serves as‌ a stark reminder of the hidden dangers that⁤ remnants of wartime history can pose, ⁤even in seemingly serene coastal settings.

The family, consisting of 32-year-old Kelly ⁢Gravell and her two⁤ children, Erin and Ellis, were enjoying their day at the beach⁣ when they stumbled upon the⁢ seaweed-covered object. Little did ⁤they know,⁤ the object was a 70-year-old bomb, which was later identified‌ by Carmarthenshire Council ‍rangers. The beach was promptly closed five days later, ⁣and the bomb⁣ squad was called in to neutralize the potential threat. A controlled detonation was carried out, resulting in a dramatic explosion on the far side of the harbor.

The father, Gareth, took to Twitter to express his surprise, sharing images of his children playfully‌ interacting with⁤ the disguised explosive.⁣ His tweet humorously ⁢noted, “So the buoy my kids were jumping on all weekend turns out to be a ‌WWII bomb. Oops.” Ms. Gravell also recounted that during their beach outing, they were more interested in the barnacles on the object ⁢than its true⁤ nature. With the tide up, the family ⁤had unintentionally stumbled‍ upon‍ the historic bomb, ‌dismissing it as a⁤ buoy. Even​ a light-hearted⁢ comment about it being a “big bomb” was made at the time⁤ without a second ‍thought.

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