Gordon Ramsay Slams New Vegan Burger Joint, Declares War on “Woke Food Culture

Renowned chef Gordon Ramsay has once again made headlines, this time for his scathing critique of a new vegan burger joint, signaling a declaration of war on what he terms “woke food culture.” Ramsay, known for his no-nonsense approach to cooking and unapologetic opinions, minced no words as he lambasted the establishment’s offerings, dismissing them as a far cry from the culinary excellence he champions.

In a fiery tirade captured on camera, Ramsay spared no detail in his criticism, lambasting the vegan burger’s taste, texture, and overall presentation. He decried what he sees as a growing trend towards plant-based alternatives, arguing that they pale in comparison to the real deal. Ramsay’s passionate denunciation of the vegan burger joint has sparked heated debate among food enthusiasts and industry insiders, with some applauding his candor while others accuse him of being out of touch with changing dietary preferences.

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