Movie Star Housed This Homeless Lady, Learning She Slept in Laundry – He Became Her Friend as She Had No Family

One of the most beloved actors and comedians in Hollywood had humble beginnings and lived a much different life to the one he currently does. Still, one woman has been a constant in his world and their story spanned years.

A man moved to LA when he was beginning his career in comedy. He had plans to be a star, but as with all other stars, he had to start small and work his way up to his big break. The aspiring actor and comedian did this by working odd jobs and doing stand-up gigs.

The gigs he frequented were in the back of burger joints where he could show off his talent before landing any significant roles. While meeting Hollywood directors was important, the man made other important friends along the way who woud remain part of his life for years.

While his gigs changed his life for the better, the woman that kept him company during those years was someone he met in the most unlikely place. It turned out that the pair would become a formidable team in years to come.

Meeting Mimi

It was 1994 when the actor met a woman that would significantly impact his life in the years to come. When she met the actor, Marie “Mimi” Haist was volunteering in a laundromat, surviving off tips left by customers.

The actor frequented the laundromat where Haist was volunteering because he lived right around the corner from it. While their first meeting was over 20 years ago, the pair maintained a strong bond throughout the actor’s career in Hollywood.

Although Haist had been married earlier in her life, when she met the actor, she had been alone for quite some time. After she got divorced, she lived on the streets and began looking for a place to work or sleep. She found both of those things in one place.

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