This boy in the picture’s incredible journey—who, at 56, raises children with Hollywood beauty

The man on the cover was once a little boy who lived in the home of an alcoholic and had a terrible upbringing.

Now, he leads an incredibly prosperous and fulfilled life as a prominent country music musician, devoted husband to a well-known Hollywood actress, and loving father of two children.

He is the best father he can be to his kids, having grown up with a father who never showed him love.

A well-known and currently very successful country music artist was reared in a turbulent household. Despite being a well-mannered and well-behaved youngster with no problems, fights, or run-ins with the authorities, this talented pianist had a somewhat terrible childhood.

A few years back, the artist revealed in a detailed discussion about his life and work that his trauma was brought on by his parents’ frequent moves. The musician’s frequent moves as a kid hindered his ability to experience close comfort in family life.

In fact, he states in the same interview that he would like to have grown up in a close-knit household if he could change one aspect of his parents’ parenting style. The singer answered when asked to elaborate on what he meant by this:

“I was raised in the home of an alcoholic, my dad being an alcoholic. Intimacy absent.

The journalist asked him whether his father would ever get physically upset with him after he revealed this knowledge. The country music performer made it clear that his father used physical punishment and recalled:

“As a child, I don’t remember dad ever telling me he loved me. All he would say after I did a job that I felt was great was, “When you speak onstage, you’ve got to slow down.” He never made any further remarks.

He went on to say that his father had forgotten how to reprimand him as he got older. The musician, nevertheless, feels that he was actually unable to remember the past.

Born into an alcoholic family, Keith Urban is now a devoted and loving father and husband.
The renowned country music artist Keith Urban was raised by an alcoholic father as a young child. In addition to being a gifted singer and entertainer, Urban is the devoted husband of 56-year-old Hollywood icon Nicole Kidman.

The two got together in 2005 at an Australians in America event in Los Angeles. Kidman and Urban had intended to live on a farm for the first year of their marriage after getting married.

Urban is a kind and caring father who raises his daughters on one of their stunning family ranches in Nashville, being cautious not to emulate his father.

Kidman and the artist, who was born in New Zealand, recently marked their 17th wedding anniversary. Sunday and Faith Kidman-Urban are the couple’s two children, and their devoted father loves being a dad.

Urban talked about how much he loved his daughters and how great it felt to be a parent in a prior interview. With no sisters, he was especially happy to be a girl-dad. The learning curve that comes with raising two young girls has been appreciated by him.

Urban went on to talk about his devoted kids and how they have an impact on all he does. Kidman and her husband would rather keep Sunday and Faith out of the spotlight, even though they are happy to boast about and share their affection for them.

Urban stated that they make every effort to provide them with a normal existence, which includes attending family gatherings, avoiding social media, and avoiding tabloid reading. Urban reflects on his parents’ relocations, which included a significant move to Australia when he was two years old:

“They were managing really well, taking into account that they were beginning a whole new life in a foreign nation, which Australia was to them. They lacked financial resources. Simply said, I’m quite impressed with what the two of them were able to do.

With his devoted wife Kidman and cherished children, Urban has experienced a remarkable amount of fertile life and has gone a long way since his early years.

Urban is a kind and caring father who raises his daughters on one of their stunning family ranches in Nashville, being cautious not to emulate his father.

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