Kate Middleton And Prince William Are “Deeply Hurt” After The Mother’s Day Pictures Fiasco

Kate Middleton has always been the talk of the town but this time it isn’t for a good reason. Recently, the Princess of Wales had to face a lot of scrutiny. The Kensington Palace put out a picture of Kate and the kids on Mother’s day, that soon turned into a scandal. What seemed like a sweet post, soon turned into a topic of controversy.

Five of the major media publications had taken down the picture because of apparent manipulation on them. The reports suggest that there were at least six photoshop errors in the picture. The people clocked in as soon as these pictures were released on the social media.

Many people noted how there were so many inconsistencies in the pictures and wanted to know what really is up. The Kensington Palace has made it clear that they will respect the Princess’ desire for privacy. They will not provide any information on Princess Kate’s health amid her recovery after the planned abdominal surgery.

This picture and the manipulation controversy has only acted as fuel to fire. It has made the public question the truth behind everything. Soon after the social media heated up, the Princess herself took onto her social media to apologise. She noted that like many people, she is an amateur photographer and was experimenting with the editing. Kate Middleton apologised for the confusion the pictures have caused.

Kate Middleton makes apology
Kate Middleton Makes A Public Apology

However, even after we have the clarification from the Royals, it seems less likely that the people believe it. This has become one of the most talked about topic in the past two days where fans are keenly watching everything that the Palace. There are various theories making rounds on what is what.

Now, the latest reports suggest that as the general public continues to theorise, the Royals aren’t very happy with it. Daily Mail reports that the Prince and the Princess of Wales are “deeply upset” and “angered” by how the people are discussing the Princess’ welfare.

Kate Middleton Is Deeply Hurt

The reports also outlines how the Kensington Palace is thrown completely ‘off guard’ . The various agencies taking down the pictures have started ‘crisis talks’ amid these scandals. With the apology, the Palace believes that this would draw a line under the issue, but many Royal enthusiasts believe that all of this has only made things worse.

The truth about Kate Middleton and her health continues to be shrouded. People across the world are wondering what is really going on behind the secured gates of the palace. It is expected that Kate Middleton would make her first public appearance post Easter. It is yet to be seen how everything plays out. TV Season & Spoilers will update you with all the latest information on the Princess as they surface. So, stay tuned.

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