Meghan Markle has finally broken her silence about Kate Middleton, and her statements corroborate what we suspected.

Kate Middleton is in hot trouble when it was uncovered that a photo of her and her three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, published on Mother’s Day was modified. Many people are now demanding that Kensington Palace reveal the truth regarding Kate’s health, while specialists defend her. No one in the royal family has spoken out formally about Kate, but Harry and Meghan have finally broken their quiet.

It is widely known that Harry and Meghan have had strained relations with the royal family since their departure in 2019. Furthermore, Kate and Meghan were alleged to have clashed multiple times, even on the Duchess’ wedding day, and their strained relationship has persisted ever since. When Kensington Palace announced Kate’s upcoming abdominal surgery, Harry and Meghan were quick to send their best wishes.

Kate Middleton

Meanwhile, since last week’s photo mistake prompted numerous conspiracy theories, analysts have begun studying photos of Harry and Meghan, particularly a prenatal shot taken in the United States in 2021. A Sussex family spokesperson was reportedly reported to have spoken out regarding Kate, claiming that Meghan would never do such a thing. But now the assertion looks to be incorrect, and Meghan has formally responded.

Kate Middleton wished everyone a happy Mother’s Day by posting a picture of herself, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Louis on the Prince and Princess of Wales’ official Instagram account. Fans were thrilled to see Kate performing well. However, it didn’t take long for the public’s perception of the image to change as it was revealed to have numerous flaws.

Social media users began researching the image, and it became clear that it had many flaws. Some portions looked to be modified, such as Princess Charlotte’s clothing and Kate Middleton’s right hand, which was missing a wedding ring. News organizations, including the Associated Press and Getty, issued a “kill notice,” which is an advising notice to remove or not use a certain photo.

“It appears that the source has manipulated the image,” the Associated Press warning stated.The Associated Press also issued a statement, stating that the photo was first published by Kensington Palace. The AP eventually retracted the image because, upon closer analysis, it appears that the source modified the image in a way that violated the AP’s photo standards. Princess Charlotte’s left hand appears to be misaligned in the photograph.

Harry, Meghan Markle

Kate Middleton has faced criticism from both royal fans and professionals. Many people are concerned that no one is receiving information on Kate’s whereabouts or health, and Kensington Palace has yet to release a new photo, which is rather intriguing.

Kate Middleton garnered widespread support as the news of her operation became public. Shortly after, Harry and Meghan expressed their support, despite their severed connection with the Princess of Wales.

According to the Mirror, Harry and Meghan Markle extended their best regards to Kate Middleton and King Charles following her hospitalization. A source familiar with the matter said: “The King and the Princess of Wales have received support from Prince Harry and Meghan regarding their health.”The Duke and Duchess contacted both parties in various ways to express their concern and best wishes.

Harry, Kate Middleton

Weeks later, another story emerged regarding what Meghan did when she learned about Kate’s operation. According to a Us Weekly source, Meghan approached the princess in the hopes that it would be the first step toward resolving their feud.

According to the insider, Meghan has called Kate and Charles, and efforts are underway to reconcile. Meanwhile, a second insider stated that Meghan has been quite “supportive” of Harry’s efforts to reconnect with his family. At the same time, he “wishes the royals—Kate included—the very best.”

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