After undergoing abdominal surgery in January, Kate Middleton stayed out of the public eye for several weeks. Her first video appearance since the surgery was captured by TMZ, showing her leaving a farmer’s market with Prince William. Despite lingering speculation about her health, eyewitnesses described the royal couple as appearing happy, relaxed, and healthy during the outing, which indicated Middleton’s apparent recovery.

However, the video stirred controversy as some viewers commented on Middleton’s appearance, suggesting she appeared thinner and speculating about possible cosmetic procedures. These comments added fuel to ongoing rumors about Middleton’s health and well-being. Some defended Middleton, noting her recent surgery and emphasizing the need to avoid making assumptions about her appearance.

Despite the public scrutiny, Middleton’s recent public appearances have included gestures of gratitude towards her well-wishers. For Mother’s Day, a photograph of Middleton posing with her children was posted on the official Instagram account of the Prince and Princess of Wales. In the caption, Middleton expressed appreciation for the support she had received during her recovery phase, signing the message with “C” for Catherine.

Recent photographs of Middleton out and about have also generated discussion. On March 4th, Middleton was spotted in a black SUV near Windsor Castle, driven by her mother, Caroline Middleton. Some doubted the authenticity of the images, suggesting they might depict Middleton’s sister, Pippa Middleton, instead. Others speculated about potential plastic surgery procedures, further adding to the speculation surrounding Middleton’s health and appearance.

Despite the ongoing speculation, Buckingham Palace has maintained that Middleton will remain away from royal duties until Easter as part of her recovery plan. Middleton’s representative reiterated that significant updates about her recovery would be provided in accordance with the timelines established by Kensington Palace in January.

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