Why Do People Think Catherine & William Are ‘Getting a Divorce’ after Her Cancer Announcement?

After Princess Catherine of Wales recently announced that she was battling a health issue, fans began responding to the news on social media. While there were some fans who expressed genuine care and concern for the princess, there were others who developed their own theories about what is going on within the royal family.

Princess Catherine recently announced that she had been battling a cancer diagnosis after being notably absent from the public eye since January. The princess asked for privacy as she dealth with this challenge. The public’s reaction to this news has been a mixture of compassion, speculation, and some suspicion, leading to a series of rumors about the state of her marriage to Prince William.

Social media has been particularly abuzz with chatter, where one tweet starkly stated, «Now I know they’re getting a divorce. they’re probably already separated on paper.» The absence of Prince William at Princess Catherine’s side during the announcement seemed to strike a chord with the public.

The royal family has been accused of withholding the truth, with comments about the situation ranging from concern to outright disbelief. Responses to the initial tweet echoed these sentiments, with phrases like «Kate had marital problems» and «valid point» surfacing amongst the conversation.

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