Hank Williams Jr. bluntly declared to Garth Brooks, “I wouldn’t be caught dead sharing the stage with you.”

Hank Williams Jr. has finally spoken out about Garth Brooks, bluntly stating, “I wouldn’t be caught dead on stage with him nowadays.” Williams Jr. highlighted Brooks’s Vegas residency cancellation due… Read more

Robert De Niro skips this year’s awards after 28 years, citing his increasingly unbearable angry speeches.

Reports indicate that Robert De Niro has been removed as a presenter from upcoming major awards shows this season. Hollywood’s elaborate awards ceremonies involve meticulous planning, with responsibilities divided among… Read more

Oliver Anthony surpasses Taylor Swift’s record for concert attendance.

Move aside, Taylor Swift; there’s a new player in town, and he goes by the name of Oliver Anthony. Anthony’s recent concert, kept under wraps until the day before, not… Read more

Paramount cancels 400$ million project with Robert De Niro du to his childlike behavior

Paramount Pictures abruptly cancels a $400 million project starring Robert De Niro, citing “creative differences” amid rumors of his challenging on-set behavior. Reports describe diva-like demands, tantrums over blue M&M’s,… Read more

This Mother is Heroina

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